Why Msaki Has Remained Relevant in the Music Industry

Asanda Lusaseni Mvana, popularly called by her stage name Msaki is a South African singer and songwriter.

She was born in East London in 1988. Msaki’s music was initially categorized under the folk genre. However, she has since collaborated with artists from other genres of music.

Msaki is currently in the mouth of most of South Africa’s music lovers. Since her EP, she has been creating and breaking milestones, and here are some reasons we think she has remained relevant in the music scene.

She Has Her Own Record Label

Before Msaki entered the music industry, she set up her independent record label, “One Shushu Day Artistry.”

Under her music label, she put together some song collections she had written overtime to release her first EP.

This shows her determination and allows her to showcase her craft, artistry, and business acumen.

She Tested the Waters With Shorter Projects To Help Understand Her Audience.

Msaki started her music career by releasing an EP titled “Nali’themba” from the collection of songs she had written over time.

She decided to release the first shorter project to help learn about her audience and the financial implications of releasing music.

According to her, the EP introduces music lovers to Msaki and the type of music she makes.

After the EP’s success, she released the “Zaneliza: How the Water Moves” album in 2016.

Her Versatility

Msaki has a songwriting gift that allows her to tap into different genres.

Although many identify her music as Indie Afro folk, Msaki is so versatile that she believes she shouldn’t box herself into a specific genre. This thought and strategy has allowed her to gain more exposure to other genre lovers.

Msaki embellishes the dance music tradition, but she also loves Afro-pop, Afro-soul, Afro-jazz, you will find this reflected in her music.

Her Collaborations

Due to her versatility, Msaki collaborated with famous artists to produce chart-topping songs.

Her meteoric rise has to do with these collaborations as it helps to introduce her to the South African music scene and increase her fan base.

Some of her notable collaborations in the dance hall genre are Mobi Dixon – Love Colour Spin, Revolution – Spring Tide, Black Coffee – Wish You Were Here, and so on.

She Uses Her Art to Speak About Social Ills and Injustice

Msaki is popularly known for using her art, voice, and words to ask questions that form in her mind.

For instance, she uses her voice to talk about the ongoing police violence in SA and other parts of the world.

Furthermore, she has also voiced out why people in power choose corruption instead of reducing inequality in society.

Although Msaki sees the greater social ills, she believes asking smaller questions can help solve them and give people hope.

She Uses Her Art to Bring Hope to the People

Apart from speaking about social ills, Msaki music also helps to give hope to people suffering from one issue to another.

For instance, her collaboration (Uboma Bomanga) with Sun El Musician came out during the lockdown.

According to her, the idea of life being stagnant during the period got to her, and she wants to tell people that things will eventually go on and they should not lose hope.

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