Who Are The Kings Of Amapiano?

kabza de small & madumane

Amapiano is among the most popular music genres in South Africa and even the Africa continent. It is even considered the hottest music genre in the country, and its popularity is waxing stronger as more artists, vocalist and producers join the trend.

Amapiano originates from the SA music genres such as Bacardi, Kwaito, House, and Jazz. It is usually created using sounds bordering drums, piano, shakers and a synths. The most important instrument of sound in Amapiano is the Log drum.

So far, many artists have helped spread the genre, which brings us this question: Who is the real king of Amapiano?

Popular Amapiano Producers & Vocalists

Several artists and disc jockeys have propelled the Amapiano music genre to its present level.

Their creativity and mind-blowing features have brought the genre to the chart top, making it the hottest genre in Mzansi right now. Some of the famous and influential Amapiano artists include.

Kabza De Small

Who Is The Real King Of Amapiano?

Kabza De Small is one of the founder fathers of the Amapiano genre.

Through his versatility and creativity, he created a wide range of music which gave the Amapiano genre the popularity it is getting now.

Many know him as the “King of Amapiano.” Plus, he has several albums and awards to his name.

DJ Maphorisa / Madumane

dj maphorisa, madumane

DJ Maphorisa is among the people trying to help propel Amapiano further from other genres in South Africa.

He and Kabza De Small are considered the hardest working duo when it comes to the Amapiano genre. Whether he is producing as DJ Maphorisa or singing / rapping as Madumane, this guy has time and again shaped and reshaped the narrative in Amapiano. He is one of the reasons that the genre broke beyond the borders of it’s South African home.

They have helped create some of the top-charting tunes that have emerged from this genre.

Not only have they made quality music, but DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small have also introduced Amapiano fans to new artists from the genre.


Generally, DJs and producers run the Amapiano genre, and Focalistic is considered a top artiste of the genre for performance and artistry.

He is a unique artist and enjoyed mind-blowing success during the pandemic.

Only in 2020, he released three albums, and there is no way you will talk about Amapiano that his name will not come up.

De Mthuda

De Mthuda

This is another popular name when it comes to Amapiano.

You can easily see this from his work which receives massive airwaves and usually tops the charts. He is popularly known for his hits “Umamakhe”, “Bade”, and “John Wick”.

Mr. JazziQ

Mr JazziQ

Mr. JazziQ was once part of the JazziDisciples, and he has been well-known in the Amapiano music scene for a long time.

Since he disbanded from the JazziDisciples, he has started making his own music which has been quite massive.

Mr. JazziQ is also reputed to be among the busiest producers of Amapiano music.

Josiah De Disciple

Josiah De Disciple

The other half of the JazziDisciples, Josiah De Disciple is arguably one of the best producers in the industry. It recently came to light (howbeit controversially) that he was the brains behind some of the best productions of JazziDisciples. Josiah’s style of production earned him love from a lot of Amapiano fans and to many he might well be the King of Amapiano.

With two Solo albums already under his belt, Josiah already has a career that is fitting for a king.



After the recently concluded SAPA (South African Amapiano Awards) it is only right that Ntokzin gets a mention as one of the guys running the show. He won the award for the album of the year for his efforts on Ace of Spades (His joint Ep with De Mthuda).

That’s not all, Ntokzin has released so many back to back hits in a space of 12 months. His single, Steven Seagal was a real hit earlier this year and his two albums, Busisiwe and Black Duke are currently hot on the charts.

At a very young age Ntokzin has achieved quite a great deal of success in the industry and has earned the right to be called King.

DJ Jaivane

DJ Jaivane

DJ Jaivane has built one of the most successful record labels in Amapiano. He is one of the pioneers of Amapiano and also the owner of Simanandi Records, home to a hoard of wonderfully talented producers and vocalists. DJ Jaivane runs Simnandi and is also an inspiration to many young producers. He is also called Mr Private School Piano, Mr Simnandi and King.

DJ Jaivane is a great mixer and his mix series, Simnandi which features 100% songs produced by Producers and Vocalists on Simnandi roaster is one of the most followed and listened to Mixtapes in the industry.

Arguably, DJ Jaivane deserves the title of King of Amapiano.

DJ Stokie

DJ Stokie

DJ Stokie earned himself a reputation as a very special collector and curator of good music. In an interview with Mac G, popular vocalist Njelic mentioned how DJ Stokie influenced the Amapiano Movement in it’s early days. He also made mention of Stokie’s incredible ability to discover and curate good music no one has ever heard before. Such is the influence that Stokie had on the movement.

As a veteran in the industry, Stokie released his album, Amapiano Movement which would go a long way to being about exposure to the budding genre.

If anyone deserves respect from Amapiano subjects, DJ Stokie has earned this right as well.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Amapiano music, many artists have helped the genre gain airwaves in their rights. The list of producers is pretty long, we have producers like Kwiish SA, Mdu aka TRP, and so many others.

However, Kabza De Small is still widely regarded as the “King of Amapiano.”

Due to his tenacity and creativity, he has shouldered the Amapiano music scene, and there is no way you won’t mention his name in connection with the genre.

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